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Get the best in class Web App Development services from a team of experienced professionals

We at Mind IT provide the best in class Web App Development Services created using the latest technology as per the industry standard within the budget limits given to us by our clients.

Our services include:

  • E-learning
  • Educational
  • E-commerce
  • CMS Services
  • Customer Portal
  • Admin Portal
  • Enterprise Portals
  • Custom Web Application Development

Why Us?

We work with commitment and on-time delivery. With us, you can leverage from the following benefits

  • Sincere, experienced and dedicated team
  • Use of latest and flexible Agile development model
  • UI/UX expertise, building user friendly applications
  • Quality standards & adherence to best coding guidelines
  • Proper use of patterns on frontend, unified code style for JavaScript, clean code and APIs
  • Supple engagement models – fixed cost, part-time hiring, full-time hiring, etc.
  • QA, Presentation, load & stress testing before delivery
  • Scalable infrastructure support for your business necessities
  • Use of Version Control Systems to manage and document changes to source code over time.
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Designed Sendmi

Sendmi offers online delivery services for food, grocery, electronics, books etc. for bulk or regular orders.


UX for M1xchange

Worked in close collaboration with the leadership & technical team

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Our projects highlight the immense confidence our clients put in our work

Here is a showcase of the latest projects our team has done for our clients using the latest software technologies to capture Business Requirements and Solve business challenges through the delivery of a multitude of IT Services and Solutions.

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What Makes Us Different?

Agile Process

Our team adheres to a tried-and-true agile process custom-made to your business requirements & values.

Code Standard

We establish and maintain code style guidelines and best practices around source code workflows across all teams.


Each phase goes through a rigorous internal quality assessment (QA) process to ensure highest quality.

On time Delivery

Our developers pride themselves on meeting timelines through set processes that help mitigate risks and maximize efficiency.

How Mind IT Team can help you?

As a Web application development company,
we are equipped to develop highly secured, robust and innovative solutions. We also promise:

  • Simplicity: We choose tools that will simplify processes & increase efficiency. Simple sites load faster, are easy to use and are easy to maintain.
  • Dedicated Project Managers: Our developers, designers and testers are led by experienced dedicated project managers, well aware of their team's responsibilities & skills. They ensure on-time project deliveries.
  • Agile development: We follow Agile software development methodology which ensures complete transparency and status updates/ reviews at regular intervals.
  • Full commitment: We believe in keeping our customers forever and ensure their satisfaction. We trust our relationship will go a long way because we don't just try to recognize your business, rather take honest interest in it and genuinely want you to reach your full potential. In each and every project we work on we personally invest ourselves.
  • Business-oriented software: We customize every bit of your application as per your business needs while concentrating on your organization's objectives and benefits. We listen to your thoughts, strategies, purposes and objectives for your business and then recommend the best solution to fit.
  • Extended Support: Our technical team will ensure there are no issues during or after project completion. In case you face any issue, we are just a tap away.
  • Under One Roof: We like to keep everything under one roof to make it easier for our customers, whether it's website or graphic design, system development or custom programming.
  • Coding on your budget: We promise phenomenal quality at reasonable costs. We also share the detailed budget, so you can recognize precisely, what you are paying for.

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Project Planning

Project planning refers to defining goals and objectives of the overall web development project. This is the most important stage in the entire project. It is further divided into the following five parts.

Requirement Assessment

Requirement assessment refers to finding out the precise business requirement. This includes shaping the application goals, complete features, target audience, and other similar information about the application.

Project Summary

Project summary sums up the website's requirements. It serves as a reference point throughout the web development process and the document is typically concise.

Determining Required Resources

The project planning stage also defines the software and other resource requirements for the website project. In this step, the needs of 3rd party media is identified. All of the resource requirements is then added to the budget of the project.

Key performance goals

The website planning stage also involves determining key performance goals. Budgeted costs, project deadlines, and page speed are some of the website design and advance goals that are set at this stage.

Competitor Analysis

A competitor analysis is done. The type of audience, daily hits, load capability, security etc. are thought through. Other things that are considered important at this stage include visual branding, call to action, navigation, and layout.

Our Process

Requirements Gathering
Design and Development
Testing and Deployment

After planning, we work on determining project scope. Creating a well defined scope of the project helps in ensuring timely delivery within the specified budget. One of the best ways to outline the project scope is through a Gantt chart which offers a visual reference of the project and also creates accountability within the development team.

The next phase is application designing whereing we focus on selecting the theme, color, flow, screen layout, features, and other aspects of the application. In a way it could be treated as a prototype which gives you the complete feel of the application without the functionality (without the code). The development team can send the prototypes to the client for review, feedback & approval.

Here the prototypes approved by the client are transformed into working code. The development process can be divided into two parts, i.e. frontend and backend. Frontend, as the name suggests, is development of the client side application visible to the users and is used by them. Here usability & looks are very important.

Backend refers to development of the server side application that is the heart of the complete application and makes the user interface into a working web application. The backend developers create the server-side application, database, integrates business logic and everything that works under the hood.

Next comes the testing and deployment process where the QA team tests the application before deployment. The designer, developer & QA members will check & test the complete functionality of the application to ensure that it runs smoothly when made live.

After final approval from the client, the application is delivered. The application files and other associated data are set up on a server so that the target audience can start using it.

The application development process doesn't end after go-live & there are several post-deployment tasks to be carried out such as providing the clients with project documents, working on their feedbacks and maintenance and support.
Further enhancements according to the user's feedback, support and maintenance as well as new updates are equally necessary and hence this phase helps to improve client's service and stay ahead in the market.

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